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i have one building map and it have so many rooms on it.

Now i want to drop the pin in that building map, where the user is being in that building and also i want to draw the direction if user want to navigate to some other room.

if anyone knows please guide me in right way.

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Inhouse navigation (or navigation if no GPS signal is available) is often done using WLAN triangulation. You need to scan the WLANs in the building to build a map of field strength of the various WLAN signals for specific locations. During navigation the map is used to determine the most likely position for a given reading of WLAN signals.

E.g. Google is working on an inhouse navigation service and there are some companies offering inhouse navigation solutions.

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You can use QRCode based pseudo-location. User scans QRCode in one room of the building and the app is aware of phone's location.

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