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I have the Android Emulator running in my Ubuntu VM and just installed an apk file trough the console. The emulator and adb have many options to view what is going on on the device. But how can I get a list of services that are currently running? I'm trying to find out if a specific app installes a notify service to view (unwanted) ads. I even know the services' name.

PS.: I'm an advanced beginner - but not advanced enough. So thanks for your help.

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You can get the list with the following command :

adb shell dumpsys activity services
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putting that into a file with >> filename is exactly what I needed. –  Jasi Aug 28 '12 at 13:45

Logcat might help you out as well

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If you just need a simple list without all the detail dumpsys generates, use:

adb shell service list
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