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I have an observerable collection named stockCollection ( ObserverableCollection ) and I have set this data source to two different GridViews in my application. If the Stock class is extended from the default BindableBase class and the NotifyPropertyChanged is raised, every time the data gets updated, How can I control the rate of update of the bound view controls ?

I need to control how the data gets rendered to gridviews at different intervals, even if the data objects get updated or not.

I tried setting the timers to collections, but even then, if the NotifyPropertyChanged is raised from the BindableBase, how can I control this ??? Please Help !

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I think the complexity of trying to solve this problem with a single collection is not worth it. Can't you just have two different collections that you update as needed and have those updates fire for each collection individually? Or is that not an option? –  Jeff Brand - MSFT Aug 28 '12 at 13:55
The problem is maintaining multiple collections for many views I have. My application is a stock application so at the rate of updating, this is so much trouble. Is there any other way to get over this ???? –  Ashan D Aug 30 '12 at 11:35

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