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I am trying to put a Combo Box in the End of Section Title Bar , so that I used setTextClient(Control) method of SWT. I am able to see the component in the section title bar but that is in the extreme end but I don't want any much space between Section title and TitleBar.

UI- enter image description here

From the figure above, its clear that AND and OR radio buttons are coming in the end and there is a space between Filter Title and Title Bar.

Following is the code snippet I used to achieve the same-

Composite toolbar = toolkit.createComposite(section, SWT.WRAP);
        RowLayout rlayout = new RowLayout(SWT.HORIZONTAL);
        rlayout.marginLeft = 0;
        rlayout.marginRight = 0;
        rlayout.spacing = 0;
        rlayout.marginTop = 0;
        rlayout.marginBottom = 0;

        Button A = new Button(toolbar, SWT.RADIO);

        Button r = new Button(toolbar, SWT.RADIO);

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FOund the solution, It was actually with the Section Declaration.

Section section = toolkit.createSection(compositeRightDownContent,
            Section.LEFT_TEXT_CLIENT_ALIGNMENT | Section.COMPACT);

and it worked

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Then go ahead and accept your answer :) –  Baz Aug 28 '12 at 16:40

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