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The first time I started up vagrant, the VM was running on After a "vagrant destroy", every time I start up vagrant it runs on even though my Vagrantfile has the following configuration: :hostonly, ""

How do I get vagrant to run on again?

share|improve this question is loopback interface's home address. Your current machine is always

When you're looking for the proper IP address, run command ifconfig (on UNIX), and look for eth interface.

I guess it's still running at the same address, you just missed the correct IP.

Would you please try running ifconfig eth0 on your virtual machine?


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I found this q/a based on trying to figure out what was for. seems to work just fine (as well as localhost and when I have more than one running). Here is my ifconfig eth0, and the box I'm running (both manifests have been installed separately) can be found here: Should I blow the sentence? (As in, I don't know what it's for...?) – Jared Farrish Jan 13 '13 at 20:32

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