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Is this possible to exclude classes in testng.xml

i tried with

<package exclude="com.tt.ee"/>

but its giving error

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The answer is here - stackoverflow.com/questions/6209177/… –  Jay Bose Jun 18 '13 at 20:11

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Add (groups = { "anyName"}) right after tests you don't want to run, so it will be look like:

 @Test(groups = { "group1"})
public void methodTestName(){..

And than in your xml file add just after test name="..."

            <exclude name="group1" />

Methods with (groups = { "group1"}) wont be runned. This way works for me. Remember that you can't exclude Class, only package, methods and runs. Good luck

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You could use classfilesetref and define the list of classes you want to run.

<fileset id="test.classes" dir="${test.classes.dir}" casesensitive="yes">
    <exclude name="**/ExcludeClass.java" />

<testng [...]>
    <!-- your setting here -->
    <classfilesetref refid="test.classes"/>
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There is no direct way to skip test class though testng.xml. However there are workaround which can used to ignore particular test class.

  1. Declare the test class as abstract.
  2. Implement IAnnotationTransformer listener interface and set enabled = false to all test methods in a particular class marked with your custom annotation.

The same topic discussed in testng-user group but no direct answer refer the mail thread - Re: [testng-users] Ignore a class in testng

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According to the TestNG dtd, the exclude element is only applicable to the following elements:

  • package - The package description within packages list.
  • methods - The list of methods to include/exclude from this test.
  • run - The subtag of groups used to define which groups should be run.

The elements classes and class cannot be directly excluded; however, you can exclude classes through groups:

@Test(groups = { "ClassTest1" })
public class Test1 {

  public void testMethod1() {

  public void testMethod2() {


Then you will define the testng.xml:

        <exclude name="ClassTest1"/>
      <class name="Test1">

In most cases you define, which classes to include for the run, not to exclude, so just include the classes you want to run.

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It should work like this:

    <package name="packageName">
        <exclude name="packageYouWantToExclude"></exclude>
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so in both 'name' attribute do i need to give package name –  user522170 Aug 28 '12 at 11:06
yeah you need to give the package you want to run and the one you dont want to run –  Tarken Aug 28 '12 at 11:07

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