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I want to execute a stored procedure automatically at every night. How can I do it. Please guide me with steps to achieve this target.

Thanks in advance.

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You can create a job with the SQL Server Agent.

enter image description here

Right-click on the Jobs folder to open the menu, select New Job:

enter image description here

When you create a new job a window will open and you will provide the details of you job that you want to create. Including:

  • Name - in the General tab
  • Steps - can run a SQL script, SSIS package, stored procedure
  • Schedule - recurring, weekly, daily, etc. at the frequency that you pick.

Here is a Step by Step by Guide to creating a SQL Job

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Try this:

    --  For executing the stored procedure at 11:00 P.M
    declare @delayTime nvarchar(50)
    set @delayTime = '23:00'

    while 1 = 1
        waitfor time @delayTime 
            --Name for the stored proceduce you want to call on regular bases
            execute [DatabaseName].[dbo].[StoredProcedureName];


-- Sets stored procedure for automatic execution.
sp_procoption    @ProcName = 'MyTask',
                @OptionName = 'startup',
                @OptionValue = 'on'


sp_procoption (Transact-SQL)

Sets or clears a stored procedure for automatic execution. A stored procedure that is set to automatic execution runs every time an instance of SQL Server is started.


Blocks the execution of a batch, stored procedure, or transaction until a specified time or time interval is reached, or a specified statement modifies or returns at least one row.

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Does having this stored proc running infinitely take up a lot of resources? That is, will it slow down the general performance of the database? – TheMagnificent11 Sep 4 '14 at 0:09

Quick solution is,

Create your stored procedure Write the SQL Job (below are the steps)

In Step 5 configure stored procedure that you created.

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