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I'm designing a Metro Style App with XAML, and I have a need to draw a circle where the ends don't properly meet up, as if it had been scribbled with a red felt pen. Something like this:

enter image description here

How could this be done in XAML?

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Is it allowed to be perfectly round/elliptical? –  Henk Holterman Aug 28 '12 at 11:45
I was hoping for a shape that wasn't a perfect circle with a small bit missing, if that's what you mean. Better if the ends can be slightly 'off' meeting up. Your answer is spot on though. –  Carlos P Aug 28 '12 at 13:01

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Ok, get ready for a little bit of XAML:

<Path Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="1" Margin="10"              
        Stroke="Red" StrokeThickness="5">
                    <PathFigure IsClosed="False" StartPoint="5,50">

                                <ArcSegment Point="50,5" Size="80, 40" SweepDirection="Clockwise" />
                                <ArcSegment Point="95,50" Size="50, 50" SweepDirection="Clockwise" />
                                <ArcSegment Point="50,95" Size="50, 50" SweepDirection="Clockwise" />
                                <ArcSegment Point="5,55" Size="55, 100" SweepDirection="Clockwise" />


This code produces:

enter image description here

You can tweak the coordinates a bit for a more|less rounded result and maybe use BezierSegments.

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Ah, now I see how you would do it - thank you! Hadn't thought of using four arcs, but then I'm quite inexperienced with XAML. –  Carlos P Aug 28 '12 at 13:00

You could draw a closed shape with no outline filled with red color using available shapes in XAML. In particular you could base your shape outline on the BezierSegment.

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