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I found a simple Google App Engine open source app which I'd like to play with. Coming from Objective-C my Java knowledge is limited.

Is there a tutorial that walks through the entire process of how to create a simple Google App Engine app?

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I would recommend python personally, as you can literally just edit the pages on the fly, press refresh and see the effects immediately in the browser.

If I could give you two pointers though

1) Every action needs to be an http request - keep that in mind when you start and it will make things easy for you

2) Forget SQL. And use the relationships between classes to navigate between them.

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That means I don't have to get used to Eclipse on the mac? So I could just use a text editor to edit python scripts? – Proud Member Sep 1 '12 at 19:09
I would only use eclipse now if I had no other option. It's good .. but I just don't get on with it sometimes. You are right - you can use any editor you want. Even emacs ... – Richard Green Sep 3 '12 at 10:44

did you saw this.. This is the one i referred when i started with it.. or probably this one for a hello world program

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