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I have following 2 recordsets :

Recordset 1:

Id  isVal  isVal1
1   Y      N
2   Y      N

Recordset 2:

Id  isVal  isVal1
2   N      Y
3   N      Y

Actual recordset required is:

Id  isVal  isVal1
1  Y       N
2  Y       Y
3  N       Y

Should I use join? Can you please advice me how can I solve this?

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When looking at Id = 2, which value do you want for isVal? Y as specified in Recordset 1, or N as in Recordset 2? Do Recordset 1 values always have priority over Recordset 2 values? Or Y always have priority over N if the Id exists in both tables? – Glenn Aug 28 '12 at 12:14

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No, you want to place the records on top of each other so you would need to use union.

select id, max(isval) as isval, max(isval1) as isval1
  from ( select id, isval, isval1
           from recordset1
          union all
         select id, isval, isval1
           from recordset1
 group by id

I use union all as you don't need to remove duplicates, for which you would remove the all.

The max works because 'Y' is "greater" than 'N'.

I'm assuming that 'Y' takes precedence over 'N' rather than values from the first record-set are less important than values from the second.

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