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I have been using Netbeans as my PHP IDE. I downloaded the netbeans from netbeans site and extracted it to the folder /opt/ and then I executed it by using

$ sudo /opt/netbeans-7.1.2/bin/./netbeans

It seems to load. The splash screen shows up and in the splash screen it gets the message, done loading modules. After which I was supposed to get a Fully loaded Netbeans IDE. But I get nothing. The Netbeans seems loading but I didn't get any graphical screen, seems like the GUI of Netbeans had been totally hidden, but the process for netbeans as seen is in progress. I verified its execution using

$ ps -aux | grep netbeans

which shows the process is actually has been loaded successfully.

I have been trying to resolve this issue and have already tried to change few parameters in netbeans.conf.

I am looking for help, suggestions, guesses. What might have caused this problem.

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this seems to be a problem with your java runtime. try the JRE from – Jan Prieser Aug 28 '12 at 12:41

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I have found the solution. It seems there was some mis-configuration which caused this problem. I delete the "~/.netbeans/7.1.2" and then restarted the netbeans.

My version of Netbeans is 7.1.2. So to delete the folder I used the command listed below.

$ rm -rf ~/.netbeans/7.1.2

If you have multiple instances of netbeans then you'll have to find the right folder to delete.

It worked fine and I got the netbeans GUI Back. I think I messed some configuration. Restarting netbeans re-created the folder.

@Jan : Thanks for answer. I have already been using jre, jdk from

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