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I'm writing a program like this:

module Filter
  def self.included?(klass)
    @count = 0

class Object
  include Filter

class Person
  def get_count
    puts @count

I want to define an instance variable @count through mixing Filter, hoping this mixin is accessible to all the Object.

However, my way doesn't work.

Can anyone tell me how to achieve this?

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you want the variable to be the same for all objects or you just want to have all objets with this variable? –  Maurício Linhares Aug 28 '12 at 12:17
@MaurícioLinhares, I want to have all objects with this variable, not necessarily of the same value. –  HanXu Aug 28 '12 at 12:28

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Don't use a variable, use an attribute:

module Counter
  attr_accessor :count

class Person
  include Counter

person = Person.new
person.count = 50
puts person.count

Also, don't include stuff into Object, only include in your classes. Polluting the main namespace with non-general methods is bad and could lead to method name clashes in other classes, causing hard-to-find bugs.

Only include modules where you think they're needed, not everywhere.

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The program in my post is just a example. Indeed, I want to add a method to every Object, so I think including the module in Object is a better idea. –  HanXu Aug 28 '12 at 12:58

@HanXu, The solution from Maurício Linhares (as well as the suggestion to not pollute the main namespace) is the ideal way to go.

However, if you are really looking to change every instance of Object, then you might be able to just open the Object class and add the specific functionality you are looking for:

class Object
  attr_accessor :count


p = Person.new
p.count = 10
puts p.count    # => 10

Not recommended, but will work (in any case, you are opening Object to include the module now.)

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OK, I think I should take your advise and rewrite my program. Thank you all very much! –  HanXu Aug 30 '12 at 1:35

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