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I am new to git and am becoming familiar with the basic commands.

Let's say I cloned a master branch of some project and I made some changes in the branch, and I have commited those changes to that branch. How would I update the corresponding master branch using the current branch?

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could you be clearer, by using branch names: if you cloned a master branch then your branch should be named master. But what you are looking for is probably git push (or more likely git push origin). –  Vince Aug 28 '12 at 12:37

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If you mean "How do I update the master branch on the remote git repository?" that is accomplished using git push.

% git push origin master

Of course, this assumes your local branch is named "master" as well.

If you mean "How do I update my local master branch with changes I committed on a separate branch in my local repository?" that is accomplished using git merge

% git checkout master
% git merge my-other-branch
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git checkout master_branch
git merge fixed_branch
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1 . You push that local branch to your remote like git push origin local_branch_name. 2 . Then merge your pushed branch to your master branch(after checkout to master) like git merge local_branch_name

Note: local_branch_name is you created branch like sandbox, etc...

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