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I've been trying to load an external web service in my Sencha Touch 2 app (which will be built with PhoneGap Build) but I can't seem to get it working. I'm using the W3Schools example web service as a test. I've read that PhoneGap can do this because it uses the file:/// protocol, but I've had no luck loading a web service.

Here is the Ext.Ajax.request call I am making:

    url: 'http://www.w3schools.com/webservices/tempconvert.asmx/CelsiusToFahrenheit',
    method: 'POST',
        Celsius: "25.0"

    success: function( response )
        container.setHtml( container.getHtml() + '<br/>Ext.Ajax.request succeeded' );
    failure: function( response )
        container.setHtml( container.getHtml() + '<br/>Ext.Ajax.request failed' );
} );

I always seem to get the failed message though. In my config.xml, I do have the access tag:

<access origin = "*" subdomains="true"/>

and I built with PhoneGap build using PhoneGap 2.0.0 as the PhoneGap version, tested on my Android phone with version 2.1.

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Since you are using phonegap, you need to allow the cross-domain requests from phonegap. This worked with jQuery-Mobile and PhoneGap but should be the same for Sencha-Touch.

Also have you given the permissions to access the internet in the manifest file.


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