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Cocoon gem for Rails allows dynamic adding/removing of nested forms fields.

We can use data-association-insertion-node to specify a jQuery selector where fields needs to be added.

My problem is that I'm using Cocoon with 2 levels nested fields in HTML tables and, for the second level, the target node must be link's parent's parent (not able to specify an id since parents are dynamic nested fields too...it has to be relative).

Cocoon's doc explains that data-association-insertion-node accepts any jQuery selector, this (link itself), or link's parent by default. But I don't see any method to specify link's parent's parent...or maybe I can reach parent through a jQuery selector but I've never seen that...

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Just found :parent selector...but it just finds elements that are parent of others (ie. that have children). I don't think I can find a relative node just with selectors... –  Gauthier Delacroix Aug 28 '12 at 13:06

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I've sent a pull request on Cocoon's Github : https://github.com/nathanvda/cocoon/pull/82

This allows the use of jQuery tree traversal methods to reach a relative node.

This solution works fine for me (I don't look for parent's parent but $this.closest(#id).

Until the pull request is accepted, someone having the same problem can try my fork here : https://github.com/porecreat/cocoon

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