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I have heard some terms about linux fonts,such as XFT, fontconfig etc.I just cann't figure out these mumble jumbo.Is there any good tutorial/article about fonts in linux?or fonts in general in the computer science.Thanks.

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XFT is the X FreeType (TrueType clone/compatible) Font rasterization library (It draws font). FreeType fonts are just like TrueType (ttf). Fontconfig is a library for global font configuration. Font is really simple, just think of it as stamps. Read about rasterization and you'll understand better how font works.

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xft was a first attempt to modernize xfree86 font rendering, it was quickly superseeded by client-side fonts (fontconfig) which has been the norm since the mid '00. – nim Oct 28 '15 at 18:24
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Short answer: (a bit dated)

Long answer: read text layout presentations and the mailing lists they link to on starting from

Then you can read

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