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Well, I know this has been already asked but i really need help, I've been trying to do this for hours!. My problem is that, when I'm trying to star an AVD i have an error

PANIC: Could not open AVD config file: C:\Users\Andrés.android\avd\Motorola_DroidRAZR.avd/config.ini

I know the problem is because of the "accent" on my user name which is "Andrés", that's why it looks different (Andrés) which is not recognized by the IDE, so I need a solution, I'm desperate, please help me.

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  1. List item Create a environment variable called: ANDROID_SDK_HOME and set it to C:\Users\Administrator

  2. Open Eclipse > Window > Preferences and click in Run/Debug and String Substitution

  3. Add a new variable called: user.home and set it to C:\Users\Administrator and Create an AVD and run it.

It should work now.

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It doesn't work, now I have this error: PANIC: Could not open: C:\Users\Administrator\.android/avd/Motorola_DroidRAZR.ini – Andres Orozco Aug 28 '12 at 14:04
1, set the environment variable: ANDROID_SDK_HOME value of your SDK directory. As I have is: variable name ANDROID_SDK_HOME value of the E: \ java \ androidsdk restart eclipse, reconstruction of the AVD can be run successfully Modify the configuration file in the eclipse installation directory: Locate the following files: eclipse \ configuration.settings \ opened of org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs, in a later supplement to change just to configure the environment variables. As I add is: ANDROID_SDK_Home = E \: \ \ java \ \ androidsdk (Note that the slash format) – Sathish Aug 28 '12 at 14:09
The SDK saves your AVD card in C:\Users\your_user_name_in_windows\.android\avd\ If your username in windows is not written with only english letters (for example, if your username uses non-english letters), it causes this problem. The solution is to change your username in windows, or create a user whose name is written with only english letters. – Sathish Aug 28 '12 at 14:10
I can change the username, but the user folder stays the same, so i cannot do anything – Andres Orozco Aug 28 '12 at 14:23
Sathish, thank's to you i discovered how to fix this. First i created a directory on D:\ called androidAVD then I created an environment variable called ANDROID_SDK_HOME with value D:\androidAVD then I opened the file on eclipse directory: eclipse\configuration\settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs and I added ANDROID_SDK_HOME=D:\\androidAVD. Then I restarted eclipse and it worked. Thank you so much. – Andres Orozco Aug 28 '12 at 14:50

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