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Is that possible to customize a maven build lifecycle without writing a plugin? I want to customize my project to package it without running tests, then run the tests. The background is that the tests are running on HTTPUnit and it needs a fully constructed web application directory structure.

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As suggested by khmarbaise you can use maven-failsafe-plugin which is an extension of maven-surefire-plugin.

Maven lifecycle has four phases perfect for your intent:

  1. pre-integration-test for setting up the integration test environment.
  2. integration-test for running the integration tests.
  3. post-integration-test for tearing down the integration test environment.
  4. verify for checking the results of the integration tests.

generally speaking during the pre-integration-test we start the server



I use this plugin with Hudson; in Maven Build Customization - Chapter 5 you can find further details.

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It seems that you are writing integration tests.

You could use maven-failsafe-plugin. This plugin is executed by default at the integration-test phase of the maven build lifecycle (which is after the packaging phase)...

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For those purposes you need the integration-test phase which exactly is intended for such things. It's after the packaging phase but before install/deploy phase. This can be achieved by using the maven-failsafe-plugin. You can find a full example here.

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