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I can't get an event to trigger when you click on an element, and this element is only displayed when you hover of a td element.

//Hovering over a td element displayed a Span
    function() {$(this).append('<span class="editCell">hello</span>')}, 
    function() {$(this).find('span:last').remove()}

//Clicking on that span, it's supposed to trigger alert. But it doesn't. 

$('.editCell').click( function(){

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Because .click() event doesn't work on dynamically added content.

Use .on() instead

$("td").on("click", ".editCell" ,function(){

  • The first parameter is the event you want to bind.
  • The second parameter is the selector, it filters all the elements in td and bind click event only to that selector.
  • The third parameter is the function to call.

The above is called delegated-events.

You also can do it like this :


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This is because the editCell element is being appended after page load. You need to delegate the event to the nearest static element. Try this:

$("td").on("click", ".editCell", function() {

The td selector is still a little broad though, you should put an id on the closest parent of editCell for the sake of performance.

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