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I currently have a script that looks something like this,

$doc = new DOMDocument();
$doc->load( 'sync-img/data.xml' );

$user1 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user1" )->item(0)->nodeValue;
$user2 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user2" )->item(0)->nodeValue;
$user3 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user3" )->item(0)->nodeValue;
$user4 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user4" )->item(0)->nodeValue;
$user5 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user5" )->item(0)->nodeValue;
$user6 = $doc->getElementsByTagName( "user6" )->item(0)->nodeValue;

When the XML file gets new data, it would like the script, or page to refresh. Is there a way of putting the $doc->load() portion into a loop and checking to see if it was updated every few seconds, then force a refresh?

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Yes you can.

Make a PHP Script which check for file Hash.

echo hash_file('md5', 'sync-img/data.xmlt');

On you're JavaScript store a Variable :

xmlHash = '<?php echo hash_file('md5', 'sync-img/data.xmlt');?>';

Than check periodically if xmlHash has changed :


function checkHash()
    $.get('/get_xml_hash.php', function(data) {
        var newHash = data;
                if(newHash != xmlHash)


Or you can use HTML5 Server-Sent Events

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You sir are a lifesaver, works great. Thanks for the help! –  Jako Aug 28 '12 at 14:36

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