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I have the rest client gem and I am defining a request like this:

url = 'http://someurl'
request =  {"data" => data}.to_json
response = RestClient.post(url,request,:content_type => :json, :accept => :json)

However I need to set the HTTP header to something. For example an API key. Which could be done in curl as:

curl -XHEAD -H x-auth-user: myusername -H x-auth-key: mykey "url"

Whats the best way to do this in ruby? Using this gem? Or can I do it manually to have more control.

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The third parameter is the headers hash.

You can do what you want by:

response = RestClient.post( 
  :content_type => :json, :accept => :json, :'x-auth-key' => "mykey")
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thanks the 'x-auth-key' being in quotes - why is that? –  Charlie Davies Aug 28 '12 at 19:05
- is no a valid caracter in for a Symbol. –  Maurício Linhares Aug 28 '12 at 19:36

You can also do this

   :method => :get or :post,
   :url => your_url,
   :headers => {key => value}
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I had the same problem with Rest-Client (1.7.2) I need to put both params and HTTP headers.

I solved with this syntax:

params = {id: id, device: device, status: status}
headers = {myheader: "giorgio"}

RestClient.put url, params, headers

I hate RestClient :-)

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