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I want to dynamically extend content assistant for HTML - for example: -add new tags, attributes and attributes values -for this code:

<div class="someClass">
<div class=$>

cursor position is $. I would like to add "someClass" to the displayed proposals.

The question is - what is the best way to do that? Is it better to extend HTMLTagsCompletionProposalComputer, connect it to the extension point and override computeCompletionProposals(CompletionProposalInvocationContext, IProgressMonitor) or maybe there is a better solution? Some good tutorial or example would be very helpful. The most important thing - i need to do this dynamically, so adding new templates it's not good solution for me.

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Well, the best place is inside eclipse.

I dont think this should be a extra-plugin. Dont you think you better contribute to the eclipse development itself? If so:

  1. Download the Eclipse-Sources
  2. Add your Feature
  3. Post the Fix to bugs-eclipse as an suggestion.


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