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I'm new to StackOverflow, and generally find the answers I'm looking for here. Except this time. I'm confuzzled. Here goes:

Some weeks back, I downloaded Revision 306 of Delphi Chromium Embedded, and installed it on a fresh copy of Delphi XE. Now, this was grabbed from the "Downloads" section of the DCEF Google Code page.

First thing I noticed was that the site mentions that Delphi XE is supported, but there is no project package included specifically for XE. Naturally, I installed the package meant for Delphi 2010, as the one for XE2 won't work due to FMX, and perhaps a few other things (?).

Having used an older build on D7 in the past, I naturally dropped a TChromium on the form, set the default URL to http://foundry-local/assist/node/, and ran the app. Here's what I was greeted with:

Exception EExternal Exception in libcef.dll ... External Exception 80000003.

Couldn't post anything in their new Google Group (they disabled the issue tracker on the Code page), so I thought I'd come here to figure out what happened. But just before that, I decided to checkout the latest code-build from the trunk. Installed it successfully (still no package for XE), dropped a TChromium on a blank form, and ran the app. This time I was greeted as follows:

Exception EReadError in module FoundryAssistNodeManager.exe at 0004BE24. Error reading Chromium1.Options.AcceleratedCompositingEnabled: Invalid property path.

And hence: I am really confuzzled.

(Edit: The app can see the core libraries, and they are being picked up.)

Has anybody else been having problems using DCEF on Delphi XE? If so, anyone had some kind of solution?

See, I'm building a customised help platform for my to-be-released products. Using IE is unreliable, and Gecko's components are no longer in development.

Any tips, guidelines would be great. Thanking you all in advance.

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Have you got core libraries visible to your project ? –  TLama Aug 28 '12 at 14:48
Hi TLama, indeed I do. Forgot to mention that (though I did mention it on their page). –  Mike Anthony Aug 28 '12 at 14:55
Also, and I find this quite weird, when I try to compile the demos, I get the following compiler error: Declaration of 'ProcessRequest' differs from previous declaration [in ceffilescheme.pas] –  Mike Anthony Aug 28 '12 at 15:10
Seems your design time and runtime packages are of different versions. Anyway, what did you mean with Having used an older build on D7 in the past ? –  TLama Aug 28 '12 at 15:17
That could be the case, from a logical point of view. Do you know where I could get a set of stable binaries and design-time packages for XE? I first used DCEF in 2010 using D7. –  Mike Anthony Aug 28 '12 at 15:20

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Technically speaking, this is not an answer to my question, but I feel it is necessary to show viewers of this question the best route to take.

Quite simple really: Upgrade to DCEF3.

Some developers local to me have also reported the same problem, with no apparent fix. Using version 3 solves the problem.

To the commenters above, thank you for helping as far as you could. Much appreciated.

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