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I normally use objectMapper.setSerializationInclusion(JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_NULL) because I never want the null values of my classes serialized. Except now I have a specific field should be written out, even if it is null. Is there a quick annotation I can put on this one field that overrides the Inclusion.NON_NULL property for that one field? What's a good way to achieve this?

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With Jackson 1.x you can use @JsonSerialize(include=Include.ALWAYS) and with Jackson 2.x you can use @JsonInclude(Include.ALWAYS). These annotations will override the default config from your ObjectMapper.

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Can you please mention Jackson 2.x jar name and @JsonSerialize package. –  Paramesh Korrakuti Mar 4 at 15:33

With Jackson 1.9 is used @JsonSerialize(include= JsonSerialize.Inclusion.ALWAYS)

@JsonSerialize(include=Include.ALWAYS) did not compile.

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@user1433372, JsonInclude is an annotation only for Jackson 2.x.

in Jackson 1.9


is the same in Jackson 2.x as

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