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I have a model ModelA with a field of type ImageField. Now, I want to get all the images' urls in one go.

So, when I do ModelA.objects.all().values(), I want to get something like:

[{"id":1, "image_field": "/media/upload_folder/xyz.jpg"}, {...}]

Now, it gives something like:

[{"id":1, "image_field": "upload_folder/xyz.jpg"}, {...}]

Am I missing something?

What can I do?

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MEDIA_URL can change, so Django doesn't store it in the database. You can prepend it yourself:

from django.conf import settings

values = ModelA.objects.all().values()
for value in values:
    value['image_field'] = settings.MEDIA_URL + value['image_field']
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The MEDIA_URL in your settings.py file is variable, so it can't add it at the beginning for you.

Loop through each object and prepend the MEDIA_URL value yourself.

for value in values:
    newURL = settings.MEDIA_URL
    newURL += value['image_field']
    value['image_field'] = newURL

Take extra care with slashes .... you dont want to end up with two together // ... it depends on whether you have one at the end of your MEDIA_URL or not.

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