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I want to implement carousal on a set of images.

On right hand side of page, I will have verticle icons. On click of icons, images will be shown.

Say MenuItem 1 is my first thumbnail image. On click of that, my carousal for Menu1 will be shown. On click of MenuItem 2 thumbnail image, the images for Menu 2 will start sliding.

Also, the Red Area collapses after the menu click. Basically the thumbnails images disappear and only the small black MENU icon remains at right corner.

Any pointers on how I can achieve this functionality with use of jquery ?

I guess the sliding images can be achieved using Carousal/barousal. But any pointers for complete similar functionlity.

enter image description here

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Looks like no one has answer for this. I used one of the carousal from internet to implement the functionality.

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