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Full disclosure: I am currently an Indie developer working as a contractor for Corona Labs, Maker of the Corona SDK. The views below are entirely my own and do not represent those of the company.

I actually spent a solid amount of time back in April/May comparing Corona, Moai and Gideros; honestly, Moai is awesome and so is Gideros, both have some great features, the open source thing is fantastic and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Görkem (Gideros) and for Todd (Moai) as both take the time to actively engage with user and, at least in my experience, are genuinely nice guys.

These are the things I look at with a new SDK, features, team, accessibility, ease of use and community.

Now we get to the other points - ease of use and community.

Neither community is as strong as Corona, there are significantly more tutorials provided by community members, more interaction, etc. within the Corona community than in the other two combined.

Ease of use is another sticking point - they are both harder to use than Corona and for the most part (at least with Moai) no one will pretend otherwise. Despite being proficient at Lua and with Corona it took me a good amount of time to do even some very basic things in Moai and I know several users have tried to use it, being attracted by the open source model, and been unable to make the switch.

Corona may not be open source but it has a lot of features, it has Mac Apps coming this year too which is a big one, it has a strong community and ample resources and it by far (and I do mean far) the easiest of the three to use while still remaining incredibly powerful.

If you need to extend it further there is always Enterprise, although in most cases I don't believe this is necessary - if you check out the great games and apps built with Corona prior to Enterprise you will see some incredible stuff, rivaling even the best "native" apps.

Anyway, that's my opinion and views based on my own experience. I hope it gives you some extra things to think about. Good luck, whichever SDK you end up using :-)

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