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SQL Server 2008 R2 SSRS

Currently we have users that generate PDF/Excel versions of some SSRS reports from a link. (The end user doesn't see the URL)

We're noticing that if they generate a report(click the link), recalculate the values and click the link again, they're getting a cached version of the report.

Is there a way to prevent caching reports through SSRS? or is this an IE problem? (Can we force no caching for certain sites in their browser settings?)

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Maybe you've figured this one out already but I add a nullable unique parameter to make the browser realize that it is downloading a different resource. This way the url is always different, so the browser will always request from the server.

For example:


What you use to generate the unique number is up to you. It could be something like a current date (like DateTime.Now.Ticks) or a generated random number as long as it is unique across requests.

FYI: Some have also had success with adding rs:ClearSession=true to the query string though this did not work for me...

Note: There should be a way to set the Cache-Control http header to No-Cache for SSRS. If anyone knows how to do this, please post...

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