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I am trying to write a JS class to easily create Iframe HTML objects. This is my code:

var Iframe = function (params) {
    var src = params.src || '';
    var appendTo = document.getElementById(params.appendId) || document.body;
    var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
    iframe.src = src;
    if (typeof params.attrs != 'undefined') {
        for (attr in params.attrs) {
            iframe.attr = params.attrs[attr];
            alert('attr: ' + attr + "\nIframe.attr: " + iframe.attr);



When the DOM loads:

var myIframe = new Iframe({
    src: '',
    appendId: 'iframeDiv',
    attrs: {height: '500px', id: 'ID'}

It alerts the expected values:

attr: height
Iframe.attr: 500px



But fails to set the arguments on the HTML, this is the generated source:

<div id="iframeDiv">
    <iframe src=""></iframe>

What's wrong? How can I achieve this?


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iframe.attr = params.attrs[attr];

I think you meant:

iframe[attr] = params.attrs[attr];


iframe.setAttribute(attr, params.attrs[attr]);

You also forgot to declare attr, by the way.

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This works! Thank you very much! for (var attr in params.attrs) { iframe [ attr ] = params.attrs[attr]; } – Sean Aug 28 '12 at 18:07

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