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I'm having an issue that only one of the fields are being saved on a mongoengine model.

Here is the class definition:

from mongoengine import *


class Contact(Document):
  name = StringField()
  email = StringField()
  phone = StringField()
  company = StringField()
  title = StringField()
  message = StringField()

In the python terminal, I run:

>>> from Contact import Contact
>>> contact = Contact(name='myrtle williams', email='myrtlewilliams@gmail.com', phone='1234567890', title='president', message='asdfsadf')
>>> contact.save()

Then, in mongo, I query and all I see is a document with the field "message" saved:

    "_id" : ObjectId("503cfa86d0d9b317a258e136"),
    "_types" : [
    "message" : "asdfsadf",
    "_cls" : "Contact"

Why aren't the rest of the fields saved?

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I tried to run your code and it works well for me (mongodb 1.8.2, mngoengine 0.6.20, pymongo 2.2.1).

    "_id" : ObjectId("503cfceb6cb71a38d4a4cd4e"), 
    "_types" : [ "Contact" ], 
    "name" : "myrtle williams", 
    "title" : "president", 
    "phone" : "1234567890", 
    "_cls" : "Contact", 
    "message" : "asdfsadf", 
    "email" : "myrtlewilliams@gmail.com" 

The most likely you faced up an issue related to one of the old releases of mongoengine.

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I was using: mongodb 2.0.7, mongoengine 0.6.18, and pymongo 2.2.1. Upgrading mongoengine 0.6.20 now saves some more of the fields, but not all of them. –  Oved D Aug 28 '12 at 17:57
@OvedD Which fields are missing? If you mean company - it is missing in the contact = Contact(...) call. –  Maksym Polshcha Aug 28 '12 at 18:04

Your test code looks fine and MongoEngine has had similar test cases ensuring it from before I joined the project in the 0.4 days.

I can think of two possible reasons for the different data:

  1. You have old test data in the database - from a previous version of Contact
  2. You are importing a differently defined Document from the one described when doing:
    from Contact import Contact
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