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I'm working on recursively renaming directories and files in a directory.


I have a tab delimited file (hopefully reproduced here) that supplies new information for file names; e.g.

alan     123_123     Alan's Place
andy     124_010     Andy's Place
andytwo     125_001     Andy's Second Place

I've worked out the following shell script, but I'm not sure how to pass values from early in the script to find at the end.



exec 3<&0
exec 0<$FILE

while read line
    echo $line
    oldName=`echo "$line" | cut -f1`
    adminDB=`echo "$line" | cut -f2`
    title=`echo "$line" | cut -f3`
    echo "$oldName is old, his number is $adminDB, and the title is $title"
    echo "renaming files"
#    echo find -name '{$oldName}*' 
    echo "`find ./ -name '${oldName}*'`"
exec 0<&3

I'd like to throw the wildcard on $oldName to catch the andy_0001, _0002 files and rename them with find ./ -name ${oldName}* -exec rename $oldName $adminDB {} \;

Thanks in advance!

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I think you just need to use double quotes:

find ./ -name "${oldName}*" -exec rename $oldName $adminDB {} \;

You can also save some code by letting the shell split the input line into fields:

while read oldName adminDB title; do

You would lose the original whitespace from the full line, so if that is important, ignore this unsolicited advice.

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hi chepner -- thank you for the help! I always forget to use double quotes to escape a variable. Also, thanks for the second suggestion - I'll give that a whirl. Cheers! –  CanOfBees Aug 29 '12 at 12:45

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