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So I am new in this field and am not sure how to do this!!But basically here is what i did.

I sshed to somehost.

ssh hostname
username: foo
password: bar

In one of the directories, there is a huge csv file.. abc.csv

Now, i dont want to copy that file to my local.. but read it from there.

When I asked the folks around, they said that I can write a unix script and get the data in my python program from tehre. I am not sure what that means? Any clues? Also, i am using windows env. Thanks

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Standard output of the remote command is passed to standard output of the ssh process. If you script reads the file from standard input, you can try

ssh user@hostname 'cat abc.csv' | python
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You could run a python script on the Linux server.

Or you could subprocess.Popen a Cygwin ssh (with passwordless, passphraseless authentication) and treat it as though the file is on your Windows system. The cygwin ssh could just run "ssh cat my-file.csv" and then read the content line by line back on the windows system in python.

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