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How to convert string as object's field name in javascript

I can do this:

var objPosition = {};
objPosition.title = "whatever";

But I'm getting 'title' dynamically, and want to use about a half dozen strings so obtained to assign the half dozen properties to the object. I've tried eval and several other schemes that seem to have the same problem, but have come up empty so far.

I have:

var txtCol = $(this).text();
txtCol = $.trim(txtCol);

and I want the value of txtCol to be a property name.

Any ideas?

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Use ['propname']:

objPosition[txtCol] = "whatever";

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/hr7XW/

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thanks! --Broschat –  Michael Broschat Aug 28 '12 at 18:17

you can also set the object's key like this

var property = "title"
objPosition[property] = "something";
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use bracket notation: objPosition['title'] = "whatever";


var objPosition = {}, ttl = 'title';
objPosition[ttl] = 'whatever'; 
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Use the bracket notation like this:

objPosition["title"] = "Whatever";
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