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I'm working on Titanium 2.1 and developing a iOS app and I can't get any of my strings in my strings.xml file. Here's my strings.xml file link

In my code I have the following:

var action = 'created_a_group'; //string at line 24 in strings.xml

var actionLabel= Titanium.UI.createLabel({



but when my label is shown, the correct string isn't shown, instead created_a_groupappears. What am I doing wrong?

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Do you have the file in the correct folder?

It should be in the i18n folder outside of the Resources folder. It should also be in the appropriate language folder. Though I haven't tried this, are you use that your device is in the correct language setting to pick the appropriate sting.xml file? For example, if you have the string.xml file in the /i18n/en folder, but have it set to a different language on the device, perhaps it can't locate it for that language.

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I'm using the emulator, as far as I know the emulator uses the OS language as default language. Also I have my strings.xml in the i18n/en folder(since my OS language is english), which is located in the root folder of my project. In theory it should work but it isn't. –  Uriel Arvizu Aug 29 '12 at 16:05

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