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You know how PHP's isset() can accept multiple (no limit either) arguments?

Like I can do:

//etc etc

How would I be able to do that in my own function? How would I be able to work with infinity arguments passed?

How do they do it?

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func_get_args will do what you want:

function infinite_parameters() {
    foreach (func_get_args() as $param) {
        echo "Param is $param" . PHP_EOL;

You can also use func_get_arg to get a specific parameter (it's zero-indexed):

function infinite_parameters() {
    echo func_get_arg(2);

But be careful to check that you have that parameter:

function infinite_parameters() {
    if (func_num_args() < 3) {
        throw new BadFunctionCallException("Not enough parameters!");

You can even mix together func_*_arg and regular parameters:

function foo($param1, $param2) {
    echo $param1; // Works as normal
    echo func_get_arg(0); // Gets $param1
    if (func_num_args() >= 3) {
        echo func_get_arg(2);

But before using it, think about whether you really want to have indefinite parameters. Would an array not suffice?

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good answer!!, like a nice, short and smart php lesson ;) – AgelessEssence Apr 19 '13 at 0:12

Starting with PHP 5.6 you can use the token "..."


function sum(...$numbers) {
    $acc = 0;
    foreach ($numbers as $n) {
        $acc += $n;
    return $acc;

echo sum(1, 2, 3, 4);


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You can use func_get_args(), it will return an array of arguments.

function work_with_arguments() {
    echo implode(", ", func_get_args());

work_with_arguments("Hello", "World");
//Outputs: Hello, World
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Calling func_get_args() inside of your function will return an array of the arguments passed to PHP.

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