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I have multiple text based links i would like to connect into the carousel, making it so if someone clicks a link, it rotates the carousel to the corresponding display.

Additionally I would like to make it so these links have a different color through CSS if the carousel is currently on the display that goes with that link.

I am new to bootstrap, this is my first time trying to work with it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Try to use next scheme:

  1. Markup

  2. Javascript

        interval: 5000,
        pause: "hover"
    $("#Carousel").bind("slid", function() {
        var a = $("#Carousel").index();
        $("#CarouselControls .carousel_control ").removeClass("active").eq(a).addClass("active")
    $("#CarouselControls .carousel_control ").click(function() {
        var a = $(this).index();
        $("#CarouselControls .carousel_control ").removeClass("active").eq(a).addClass("active");
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