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I use JBoss 7.1.1-FINAL AS. Its configured to startup in domain mode with default settings. I use the file to start up the server which starts 4 java processes:

  1. Host-controller
  2. Process-controller
  3. server-one
  4. server-two

In order to shutdown the server, i invoke the following command:

./ --connect controller=host:9999 /host=master:shutdown

This brings down the 2 servers, server-one and server-two.

I would like to know how to stop host-controller and process-controller.

Thanks for the help.

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The command mentioned above is the command to shutdown the server. Apparently, this started working recently. I do not know what the issue was. The host-controller and the process-controller also shutdown with this command.

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You can try either command. They both work for me;stopping all processes. #1 is the shorthand command connecting to the controller.

./ --connect /host=master:shutdown
./ --connect controller=localhost:9999 /host=master:shutdown


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