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I have 2 tables, I will show simplified versions. I am looking to find an exact match from the first table, where I have the exact list of entries in the second table (as multiple individual records in the join table will match the primary key of the first table).

Table Metrics:

MetricsId:  (primary key)
A: (some parameter)
B: (some parameter)
C: (some parameter)

Like this:

MetricsId    A    B    C
    1       0.5  0.2  3.5 
    2       0.1  0.1  4.5 
    3       1.1  1.0  3.0

TABLE Metrics_Grid:
MetricsId (foreign key to Metrics
GridId (foreign key to another table)

MetricsId   GridId
   1           12
   1           13
   1           14
   1           15
   2           12
   3           13

The record in the metrics table represents the metrics generated for specific parameters and for a specific set of grids. The second table is the table containing the list of grids, but having a record for each grid that is included for that metrics record. A single grid can be in multiple lists (E.g. say you had metrics for a single grid, it would have an entry, and that metrics entry would have only one in the link table, then you may have metrics for a collection of grids including the single grid (there are actually metrics records for each individual, then a group, every time metrics are run)

What I need to do is find when an exact match of the parameters AND the list of grids are already in the database, and return that one match or nothing. So I need to find a match like this:

to start , I have the list of the the exact gridIDs that need to match (this is coded in java, using Spring JdbcTemplate, so I can pass in the list in whatever form I need)

Select M.* from Metrics M
A=? AND B=? AND C=?
EXISTS (SELECT MG.GridId From MetricsGrid MG where MG.MetricsId=M.MetricsId) 
** This is where I get lost **
AND <THE LIST OF THE THE GridsIds matches exactly the list I have>

I tried a few things that were wrong and I know why they were wrong, like this one: which just passed back any metrics record that had the grid_id, so I got multiples instead of just one.

So for example, I want to be able to ask for the Metrics record matching A=0.5, B=0.2, c=3.5 AND GridIds = (12, 13, 14, 15) or similarly, he Metrics record matching the same parameters, but only GridId 12

My attempts at it always return all the records. I tried using Group By.. Having Count(), but couldn't get that right. I think this isn't hard and my brain is just stuck.

I haven't found something similar, but it seems like it would be a common thing?

Thanks for any insight.

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2 Answers 2

You should be able to get the result you need using below query. The steps are:

  1. Search for MetricsIds that have exactly the same GridIds as you want. You can get this done by using DISTINCT, GROUP BY, WHERE and HAVING.

    First select all MetricsIds which have a gridId from the list you have.

    Remove the duplicates with distinct command.

    Then do a group by and count the number of gridIds for each MetricsId.

    Let's say you are looking for 4 specific gridIds so you filter out other results by using the HAVING command.

  2. Search for all MetricsIds that have the correct criteria for A,B,C from Metrics table.

  3. Perform an inner join between results of previous steps

    SELECT m.MetricsId from Metrics AS m join
        (SELECT DISTINCT mg.MetricsId, COUNT(mg.GridId) AS cnt FROM Metrics_Grid AS mg
    WHERE GridId in (12,13,14,15)
    GROUP BY mg.MetricsId) AS k ON m.MetricsId = k.MetricsId
    WHERE m.A =0.5 AND m.B = 0.2 AND m.C=3.5;
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thanks for thinking about it, Your way may also work, but I found another solution building on the previous one. –  titania424 Aug 28 '12 at 22:24

Try this:

SELECT m.metricsid, m.a, m.b, m.c
FROM metrics as m
INNER JOIN metrics_grid as mg on m.metricsid = mg.metricsid
WHERE m.a = ?
AND m.b = ?
AND m.c = ?
AND mg.gridid IN (?, ?, ?)
AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT MG2.GridId FROM Metrics_grid MG2 WHERE M.MetricId=MG2.MetricsId AND MG2.SensorID NOT IN (?,?,?))

Make sure you have indexes on m.a, m.b, m.c, and mg.gridid

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This does exactly what my other attempts do, it returns both metrics records, the one where it is alone in the list, and the one where it is in a list of multiple. There needs to be a way to check that it matches exactly and only the same list of grids, and that's where I'm struggling. –  titania424 Aug 28 '12 at 20:06
So I was able to make it work by adding this: AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT MG2.GridId FROM Metrics_grid MG2 WHERE M.MetricId=MG2.MetricsId AND MG2.SensorID NOT IN (?,?,?)) This did the part where it excludes any that are not exact matches. –  titania424 Aug 28 '12 at 22:07
Oh, if you update your answer with this, I'll accept your answer! –  titania424 Aug 28 '12 at 22:23
@titania424 I added your additional portion to the query. –  Mike Brant Aug 29 '12 at 18:11
So after testing, I found I have to add something else that I haven't figured out. The query still returns 2 records when searching for the group, it works when only searching to match the single one. When I get that, I'll post it and you can add it in. –  titania424 Aug 29 '12 at 19:07

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