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I have an array in the following format:

agendaItems = [{"topic":"blah", "description:"blah"}, {"topic":"blah2", "description":"blah2"}].

I need to update the values in this array in a handler and handler does not allow global variables to be modified. I know I have to use either CacheService or ScriptProperties. However, I can't seem to make it work:

If I use CacheService, I get something like this: "[object oject][object object]"

CacheService.getPublicCache.put('agenda', agendaItems);

If I use ScriptProperties, I get something like this: ""[Ljava.lang.Object;@429bd3a7"

ScriptProperties.setProperty('agenda', agendaItems');

Am I doing this wrong or is there a better way? Any advice is appreciated.

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The Cache class works with strings. You have to use the Utilities.jsonStringify and Utilities.jsonParse methods to convert the array to a string and vice versa. Here is slightly modified code which I use

this.getData = function(id, cacheKey) {
  var cache = CacheService.getPrivateCache();
  var cachedString = cache.get(cacheKey);
  var lstData;
  if (cachedString == null) {
    lstData = getNotCachedData_(id);
    cache.put(cacheKey, Utilities.jsonStringify(lstData));
  else {
    lstData = Utilities.jsonParse(cachedString);
  return lstData;

The ScriptProperties Service also works with strings. It is not obvious due to the not complete documentation, the value parameter has type var and not String, but it is true.

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Thanks, using json is giving me the correct data. However, I'm getting an error "Error Encountered: Invalid Argument" after I added the json code to a handler function and I have no clue what is causing this. I copied the code to a non-handler function and there is no error. –  mdho Aug 28 '12 at 23:01
@mdho, I answered to your next question. –  megabyte1024 Aug 29 '12 at 6:20

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