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No matter what I do I cant seem to get my tool tips to look how they are on the website:


I want my tooltip to look like the above, when: -

  • Need to onclick or hover on an 16px by 16px information icon, then display the tooltip.
  • Needs to have a nice fade effect.
  • Needs to target the title attribute with a class. So if the link has a class of myToolTip the tooltip is displayed.

Can anyone help me, driving me daft!


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Did you notice the thick blue banner at the top of the qTip page? –  Sparky Aug 28 '12 at 19:46

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$(document).ready(function() {
        content: 'Tooltip Text to be displayed ',
        style: { 
            tip: 'topLeft',
            border: {
                width: 2,
                radius: 5,
                color: '#6699CC'
            width: 200
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Include qtip library file –  Ram Ch Aug 28 '12 at 19:46

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