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I really need your advice guys. I've made up posting chat with Php,MySql,jQuery (Users can post some messages). I've searched a lot but nothing found interesting which would be good starting point for notifications. I want to when for example user1 writes msg if user2 is not logged in I could notify user2 when this last will log in. Any idea how is it possible to do that ?

PS. I am thinking of to accomplish this task by datetimes, I've datetimes when msg is posted, but don't know how to connect with users, maybe with logged out time , but I guess it impossible to get exactly right time.

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You'll want an observer system. Look at this wikipedia article.

Also, check out Pusher.

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I've notified with push technology, but can't find any normal tutorial for that . Is it possible to make up server push with only php,mysql,jquery ? And maybe you know some good tutorial or article ? thanks – crypticous Aug 28 '12 at 19:48
Well, you can fire ajax requests every few seconds/minutes, check for new logins and then display them to the user. – Dhaivat Pandya Aug 28 '12 at 19:49

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