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Im a new MATLAB user. Trying to initialize y to the calculated value in the if statement. However, when I try to plot y it says y not defined

function [y,xmax] = Alaw(x,A,ymax)

if nargin<3, ymax=1; end
if nargin<2, A=87.6; end


    temp = ymax/A;
if ((x > 0) & ( x < temp ))
    y = (A * abs(x)) ./ (1 + log(A) ).*sign(x);

if (x > temp)
    y = ymax*( 1 + log(A*abs(x/ymax)) )./( 1+log(A) ).*sign(x);

 fprintf('Plotting Data ...\n');
 hold on;
 title('  A LAW ');

 fprintf('Writing the audio file ...\n');
 wavwrite(y, 22050, 'Alaw.wav');

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What are x and temp? You may not be reaching the body of either if statement. In that case, y would never get created. –  tmpearce Aug 28 '12 at 20:25
X is a vector provided during function call. Temp is calculated ass shown –  user905911 Aug 28 '12 at 20:26

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If x is smaller than or equal to zero, or if x equals temp, neither of the if-statements is true, and thus, y never gets defined. You may want to re-write the logic with if..elseif..else to ensure that y gets assigned in every case:

if ((x > 0) & ( x < temp ))
    y = (A * abs(x)) ./ (1 + log(A) ).*sign(x);
elseif (x > temp)
    y = ymax*( 1 + log(A*abs(x/ymax)) )./( 1+log(A) ).*sign(x);
    y = NaN(size(x)); % no valid y; this won't plot anything, but won't error

Note that x>0 can lead to unexpected results when x is an array. Use all or any to make sure that the condition is satisfied if either all or any of the elements of x satisfy the condition, respectively.

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less than (or equal to) zero –  tmpearce Aug 28 '12 at 20:27
@tmpearce: thanks! –  Jonas Aug 28 '12 at 20:28
I made a few changes. Because i want to go thorugh every element of vector and then decide what operation to do so i must use a loop. 'code' while (i<length(x)) if ((x(i) > 0) & ( x(i) < temp )) y = (A * abs(x(i))) ./ (1 + log(A) ).*sign(x(i)); end if (x(i) > temp) y = ymax*( 1 + log(A*abs(x(i)/ymax)) )./( 1+log(A) ).*sign(x(i)); end i=i+1; end But this way i dont get the plot –  user905911 Aug 28 '12 at 20:37
@user905911: even if you run it for individual elements, you should use if/elseif/else. Also, you need to assign each element of y, i.e. y(i)=.... –  Jonas Aug 29 '12 at 1:07

Works for me:

>> Alaw([1 2 3])
Plotting Data ...

ans =

1.0000    1.1267    1.2007

enter image description here

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