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I need to figure out which element was removed from my Knockout observableArray. Please see my jsFiddle.

I can subscribe to the change, but it only returns value, which is the current array after the add or remove.

self.selectedDataPointOptions.subscribe(function(value) {
  // how can I see which one was added or removed?
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Knockout includes ko.utils.compareArrays which you can use to compare one array to another. Here's a helper function that notifies for each added or removed item in the array:

ko.observableArray.fn.subscribeArrayChanged = function(addCallback, deleteCallback) {
    var previousValue = undefined;
    this.subscribe(function(_previousValue) {
        previousValue = _previousValue.slice(0);
    }, undefined, 'beforeChange');
    this.subscribe(function(latestValue) {
        var editScript = ko.utils.compareArrays(previousValue, latestValue);
        for (var i = 0, j = editScript.length; i < j; i++) {
            switch (editScript[i].status) {
                case "retained":
                case "deleted":
                    if (deleteCallback)
                case "added":
                    if (addCallback)
        previousValue = undefined;

Here it is in action:

Beginning with Knockout 3.0, you can use the arrayChange event to do this more easily. More info is here:

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Thank you, I plugged it in and it works great! – Aligned Aug 28 '12 at 20:38

The proposed solution is cool, and works, but it involves cloning the array every time there is a change, then doing a compare, which is probably O(n^2).

Here is another solution: It means including another js file... but if you want some better performance, this will provide it:

This replacement for observableArray (which is basically just a clone of observable array, with some extra code) uses the knockout subscription framework, and adds "add" and "remove" subscriptions.

Sample Usage:

var presidents = ko.betterObservableArray();
presidents.subscribe(presidentAdded, this, "add");
presidents.subscribe(this.presidentRemoved, this, "remove");


function presidentAdded(president) {

function presidentRemoved (president) {


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Michael Best's solution (subscribeArrayChanged) works very well for me too. But I need to use it from typescript and for this reason I wrote a little define source (d.ts), in a different source from original 'knockout.d.ts' for using it in a comfortable way in typescript source code.

custom knockoutext.d.ts file:

/// <reference path="knockout.d.ts" />
interface KnockoutObservableArray<T> extends KnockoutObservableArrayFunctions<T> {
    subscribeArrayChanged(addCallback: (T) => void , deleteCallback: (T) => void );

Little sample code snippet:

    (value: Meta.Data.Property) => {
        console.log('add callback called');
    (value: Meta.Data.Property) => {
        console.log('delete callback called');
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