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I am trying to embed an RSS feed on a web page I am designing. The feed is for an Austin, TX Craigslist page:

Depending on which URL I use for the feed I get one of these results:

**Feed URL**

    Error parsing module spec:
    Not a properly formatted file
    missing xml header

**<link> in the XML for the above URL**;quot;modern%20salvage&#x26;quot;&#x26;amp;srchType=A

    Information is temporarily unavailable

**I have also tried the URL in the head of the HTML doc:**;modernsalvage&quot;&amp;srchType=A&amp;format=rss" title="RSS feed for craigslist | furniture - all &quot;&quot;modern salvage&quot;&quot; in austin

    Information is temporarily unavailable.

Although Craigslist encourages users to embed RSS feeds I wonder if the Craigslist server is denying the request. I have a background in design, not programming. Any suggestions?

Thank You.

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I was able to add the feed to a MyYahoo page, but was unsuccessful with Google Sites plug-in. It said it was unable to parse the feed. I can check more... Meantime, activate the Developer Tools part of your browser to see if there are any messages from Javascript. – Fuhrmanator Aug 29 '12 at 0:58

I'm not sure I understand what gadget you're using...

Anyway, I was able to make your page load with the RSS Reader+ gadget on a Google Sites page (won't stay up forever).

Attempts to make it work with were unsuccessful. I think that gadget is broken, according to comments on

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