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Is it possible to access fields defined in Beans/Forms used within an action from a JSP page?

At the moment I can use this:

<s:action name="actionName" var="foo" executeResult="false" />

and access any fields defined in that action class using

<s:property value="" />

but this doesn't seem to work for values defined in a bean or form, which I would normally be able to access using the property tag in the result JSP page for an action.

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"values defined in a bean or form" What does that mean? WOuld you post some code? – leonbloy Aug 28 '12 at 20:53

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Just tested this with Struts 2 version and it worked for me to get the displayName value of the kuPerson bean. Note in my Struts action class I have a getKuPerson method that returns an object of type KuPerson and that KuPerson class has a getDisplayName method that returns a String.

<s:action name="person" var="personAction" executeResult="false" />

Display name: <s:property value="#personAction.kuPerson.displayName" />
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