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I based my current OpenCart instalation on v1.5.2.1 (let's call this Orig_V1).

I then heavily modified it and committed it in my SVN repository (let's call this Mod_V1, SVN rev: r1).

Now I want to upgrade it into v1.5.4.1 (let's call this Orig_V2) and keep the modifications I had on Mod_V1 (let's call this Mod_V2).

Any thoughts?

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You can use a merge and compare software to compare yours to the new upgrade. There are plenty of open source around. Try here.


Winmerge is a good one. I use Notepad ++ with compare add-on. I need to do the same thing myself eventually!

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It was a little more hands-on work but worth it in the end. I also used the new github OpenCart repository as a base and I can now go upstream easily. I did use N++ compare as well! :) –  Alex Tzo Sep 18 '12 at 6:50
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