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I got this:

tu = ("func1", "func2", "func3")

And with the operation I am looking for I would get this for the first string:


I know how to concatenate strings, but is there a way to join into a callable string?

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Your question is very unclear. "I would get this for the first string" means what? Can you show some interactive console output maybe? –  Francis Avila Aug 28 '12 at 21:02

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getattr(moduleA, 'func1')() == moduleA.func1()

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You should use getattr builtin function. Try:

getattr(moduleA, 'func1')()
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If you mean get a function or method on a class or module, all entities (including classes, modules, functions, and methods) are objects, so you can do a func = getattr(thing 'func1') to get the function, then func() to call it.

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