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I need to unzip a war file in tomcat/webapps directory using ANT build script. The war file name is not fixed. How can I unzip it in a directory whose name is the same as the war file name. I know how to unzip the file but the problem is it unzips the content in the specified destination directory. What if I don't know the directory name?

before build:


after the build:

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Shouldn't the directory name be myApp-0.1 or should the directory names be all lowercase? –  beny23 Aug 28 '12 at 21:56
@beny23 thanks. corrected. –  bluetech Aug 28 '12 at 22:03

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Nice work bluetech. Your solution could also be expressed as follows:

<target name="unwar-test">
  <property name="webapps.dir" value="tomcat/webapps" />

  <fileset id="war.file.id" dir="${basedir}"
      includes="${webapps.dir}/myApp-*.war" />
  <property name="war.file" refid="war.file.id" />

  <basename property="war.basename" file="${war.file}" suffix=".war" />
  <property name="unwar.dir" location="${webapps.dir}/${war.basename}" />
  <mkdir dir="${unwar.dir}" />
  <unwar dest="${unwar.dir}" src="${war.file}" />
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So after learning about some Ant tasks here is what I came up with:

<!-- Get the path of the war file. I know the file name pattern in this case -->
<path id="warFilePath">
    <fileset dir="./tomcat/webapps/">
        <include name="myApp-*.war"/>

<property name="warFile" refid="warFilePath" />

<!-- Get file name without extension -->
<basename property="warFilename" file="${warFile}" suffix=".war" />

<!-- Create directory with the same name as the war file name -->
<mkdir dir="./tomcat/webapps/${warFilename}" />

<!-- unzip war file -->
<unwar dest="./tomcat/webapps/${warFilename}">
    <fileset dir="./tomcat/webapps/">
        <include name="${warFilename}.war"/>    

Let me know if there is a better way to do it. I also found a solution on stackoverflow using ant-contrib but that was not I was looking for.

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