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I have this code:

        <a href="init.php">

        <input name="Submit" type="submit" class="Style9" value="Se connecter" onclic= "<?php include("D:/EasyPHP-"); ?> " /></a>

I want after clicking the button to call conn.php and pass to the page init.php here i can call conn.php but i fail to pass to init.php

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the best way would be to use form action="init.php" and include conn.php within that file –  khaverim Aug 28 '12 at 22:04
Why not submit it as a form? –  Paul Dessert Aug 28 '12 at 22:04

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Try this:

<form method="POST" name="test" action="init.php">
  <input type="submit" name="Submit" class="Style9" value="Se connecter" />

Then in init.php, include the conn.php file.

<?php include("D:/EasyPHP-"); ?>
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that doesn't work :( –  user1622027 Aug 28 '12 at 23:20
What is it you're trying to do, exactly? It would probably help if you display what's going on in conn.php –  ews2001 Aug 29 '12 at 16:04

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