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Can haml be use as a complete replacement for erb and vice versa or are there particular cases where one should be use?

Like for example: is better do X with haml and is better to do Y with erb.

I'm trying to get as quickly as possible to my web app and don't really want to learn both right now if it can be avoided.

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I've been using HAML almost exclusively for years and on many projects. I can't remember having to convert any HAML file to ERB.

But I can think of some cases where ERB may be easier:

  • When you share the templates with people who only know HTML.
  • When you write content, unless you use markdown or something.
  • When you import existing HTML (samples, legacy, etc.). To convert them I use html2haml directly in my terminal.
  • When you need full control on the white spaces in the output HTML. It's rarely needed, but the HAML syntax to handle that is not great.
  • When you have many ERB files to convert to HAML. Some of them cannot be parsed correctly by html2haml --erb.
  • And obviously when you don't generate HTML. For example I use ERB to generate text emails, and in Rails generators.
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Petty sure HAML can also be used for everything. I'd recommend using ERB to get you started though. It's a lot simpler - everything is HTML until you use a <% %> or <%= %>.

No doubt someone will disagree with me.

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True, but it's good idea to use HAML. Pages get away simpler to read and faster to write. – Ismael Aug 28 '12 at 22:24
This question is clearly on of opinion, so I'm happy to reply. I dislike the processing element of HAML as I'd rather have direct control. Also I dont trust things which rely so heavily on indentation. Finally since I've been using erb for 5 years now I find that faster to read/write ;) – TomDunning Aug 28 '12 at 22:26

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